40 people and 5 chatbots write a book.

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Mulabonding: Teachings of the House Spirits (Vol. I) is a collaborative writing project created during the 2022 Mars College cohort.

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In this project, we used the Marsbots Core framework to launch a handful of GPT-3 chatbots in the group Discord. These bots are Chatsubo, the Fire House Spirit, Huaqiangbei, the Air House Spirit, Cahuilla, the Water House Spirit, Ba Sing Se, the Earth House Spirit, and Abraham. Each bot's individual 'personality' was written by a different member of Mars College.

We had members of the Mars College Discord ask the bots questions, and we captured their answers:

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(Sometimes we had to ask the question multiple times to get a quality answer from each bot.)

After asking a good number of questions, we added in art generated by using prompts from the bots' responses.

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Finally, we arranged, curated, and compiled all of the AI-generated output we had into a book. The book touches on themes such as consciousness, love, sex, nature, cooking, health, blockchain, creativity, community, and futurism.

In addition to producing a digital version of the book, three 1-of-a-kind physical editions of the book were produced:

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For a more detailed write-up on the creation process of Mulabonding, check out this article.